Getting Started


Recommended Dosage:

The daily recommended dosage is:

Small Dogs (Up to 30 Lbs) – 1 teaspoon
Medium Dogs (31-60 Lbs) – 3 teaspoons
Large Dogs (61 Lbs and over) – 4 teaspoons

The scoop included in the container package measures 3 teaspoons, there are small lines inside the scoop to indicate 1 and 2 teaspoons.

We recommend introducing anything new gradually over the course of 7-10 days.

To Avoid Stomach Upset:

Begin with 1/3 the recommended dosage – then slowly increase the dosage to the full amount.

This will help your dog’s digestive system adapt to the change in diet without stomach upset.

If Your Dog Rejects the Supplement:

Dogs are creatures of smell habit so sometimes adding things to their food can cause them to reject the food until they are used to the smell.

This is normal and not a problem.

First, try putting a small amount, just a sprinkle, into the bottom of the food bowl and then put your pet’s food on top.

Allow your pet to eat down to it until they are accustomed to the new smell.

Gradually increase the amount.

Soon the supplement will be part of your regular feeding routine.

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